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Cheryl's OxyBlast Oxygen Energizing Facial Kit

Cheryl's OxyBlast Oxygen Energizing Facial Kit

This anti-ageing facial is an oxygen facial for the skin that replenishes the lost oxygen in the skin and deposits nutrients in the epidermis so that the skin remains strong and firm. Based on the latest technology, the facial delivers oxygen deep into the skin leading to increased luminosity and enhanced radiance. It also works as a skin brightening treatment.

Facial Kit Contains:

  1. OxyBlast Cleansing Gel - 3 gm x 24 Sachets
  2. OxyBlast Deep Peel - 3 gm x 24 Sachets
  3. OxyBlast Skin Oxygenator - 3 ml x 24 Sachets
  4. OxyBlast Rejuvenating Serum - 2.5 gm x 24 Sachets
  5. OxyBlast Deep Panetrating Mask - 4.5 gm x 24 Sachets
  6. OxyBlast Energising Cream - 4 gm x 24 Sachets
  7. OxyBlast Radiance Mask - 4.5 gm X 24 Sachets


  1. Anti-ozonate Herbal Complex: Wards of Aggressive Ozone Free Radicals
  2. Papain: Sloughs Off Dead Skin Cells From the Upper Layer of the Epidermis and Rejuvenates the Skin
  3. Zinc Pca: Oxygenates the Skin, Revives, Hydrates Skin and Constricts the Pores
  4. Arbutin: Energizes and Nourishes Skin, Making It Lighter and Radiant
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