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Cheryl's Clariglow Facial Kit

Cheryl's Clariglow Facial Kit

Clarifying Facial For Oily Skin Reduces And Controls Imperfections On Oily Skin Enhances Natural Glow While Leaving The Skin With Matte Appearance Suitable For Oily Skin

Facial Kit Contains:

  1. ClariGlow Clariwash - 3 ml x 10 Sachets
  2. ClariGlow ClariBuf - 3 ml x 10 Sachets
  3. ClariGlow ClariGel - 3 ml x 10 Sachets
  4. ClariGlow ClariSoothe - 8 ml x 10 Sachets
  5. ClariGlow ClariMask - 4.5 gm x 10 Sachets
  6. ClariGlow ClariTone - 2 ml x 10 Sachets


  1. Oats Extract, Bha: Helps Skin Renew Faster, Removes Dead Skin From the Surface and Cleans Clogged Pores
  2. Biosulphur Fluid: Acts as a Soothing Agent and Sodium Bicarbonate Softens Blackheads and Whiteheads.
  3. Cucumber Extract: Helps in Constricting Pores
  4. Natural Polysaccharide: Gives Immediate Mattifying Effect Reducing the Shine
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